What indexes would you like to see on Truflation?

Exactly what it says on the tin. What indexes are needed on Truflation? I would love to see Canada’s

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Price of Beef


I would love to see real sales based data into the Semiconductor industry. What are some of the hottest moving semiconductor/electronic component parts moving in all verticals of original equipment manufacturing (OEM)?

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Wow that is a good suggestion, the ability to see prices and sales of growing industries or any major industry would be insane

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Visit partstack.com, this is a startup aggregator for real sales based (queries for stocking and authorized distributors who carry manufacturer part numbers in their warehouse). I am a program manager for Partstack and I am a forward thinker when it comes to leveraging innovative technologies. Our platform utilizes the latest technologies today and have incorporated a couple of them under the Partstack hood.

My purpose prior to this next bull run being in full swing is to integrate blockchain to bridge gaps in supply-chain. This is a very ambitious initiative but Truflation seems to be an ambitious project that I believe can scale to many other verticals.

I definitely have some strategies I’d love to attempt to share, I just hope someone from Truflation reaches out to me.

Thank you for reading my post.

since RWA’s are only going to continue to gain traction and gain a spot within the Digital space. it would be nice to see indexes of these emerging projects that are being backed by US treasury notes and bonds.