Country Index Suggestions

There have been a lot of requests for indexes.

The EU

It’s probably not realistic for us to do the EU, but we’d love for you guys to mention which countries you’d like to see indexed the most. Please suggest below!


If can do some Asian countries closer to home like Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

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Korea Please.
It’s an interesting country.

How does one know if this gets an update?

Countries like Argentina and Venezuela would be pretty interesting since it would highlight Truflation’s commitment to transparency, for example. I’d say it is particularly useful in the case of Venezuela since their government has refused to publish the real numbers multiple times.

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Putting a vote for Argentina. Crazy economics changes happening there, might be some good investment opportunities

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True I like Argentina and also Germany would be rather interesting and maybe some of the BRIC countries?

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is el salvador index available?

North African Countries, please
Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Morroco, and Libya.

Taiwan, its economic impact is more enormous than we usually thought.
Also it’s interesting that they choose to increase rate against the worldwide trend of rate cut.

OMG yes, as one of the biggest bitcoin adopting countries (El Salvador) it would be really interesting!!!

And Spain heheh

El Salvador and some Asian countries too, like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Very minimal data about those countries

from Saudi Arabia ,we so interesting with product like this , good lock

is IRAN index available?

Vote for Argentina and latam countries.