Additional Inflation Data Suggestions

Some extra data within the inflation indexes sphere you requested were

  1. CPI forecasts
  2. Personalized inflation index (adjustable weighting)
  3. Truflation vs BLS data on one chart
  4. Raw price indexes
  5. MoM rates
  6. Core inflation index (excl food and energy), YoY
  7. 2-year inflation comparison
  8. QoQ comparison
  9. Custom range comparisons
  10. PCE forecasts

Feel free to mention which of the above is the most important to you and why, or add more suggestions to our list. We now run CPI forecasts that we hope to add to the dashboard together with a personalized inflation calculator. The Truflation vs BLS data can be found at

We’ve also been asked for additional features like
a) downloadable data in various formats like xls and csv (currently paid and available upon request)
b) historical data at a various range
c) more granular data, per subcategories and groups of items

It would be great if they added various more formats, the more options the better.

that would be a dream! Make this happen pls

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We’re working on it, with the premium account it is possible to download in CSV, and its not much different than xls