Truflation Dark Mode

Is it possible to have truflation light and dark mode? Most applications have this for peoples eyes. I know many people who prefer dark mode.


I think they will, eventually. Almost every app or service has a dark mode enabled. If you’re using chrome, you could use a plugin called Dark Reader while the official arrives


Yeah I support that suggestion. I’d say it’d be a pretty decent quality of life improvement for the whole website. You can use extensions for Google Chrome/Firefox that enable dark mode in the meantime, though.

My eyes would be so grateful lol

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that really would be great

Yeah, I agree that sounds awesome. I usually use all of my apps on dark mode myself

Is that a big update to change to dark mode?:sweat_smile:

Yeah it will be a lot better to have a dark mode.

Can’t be more true, burning my eyes in night and wake up my wife lol