Welcome to the Truflation Forum

Here you can share your thoughts and suggestions for the future of Truflation.

The more attention each suggestion gets, the higher it will get on our to-do list, as long as we have the time and resources to execute it. This way, we’ll be able to quantify the importance of the features you’ve all been asking for, and there’s been a lot.

Thanks a lot for sharing and participating! Brainsessions and community projects are also very much welcome!

We hope to make Truflation a more community-driven project and eventually implement governance voting based on our native TFI token.


How are these forums so empty?
I think you guys need help with tokenomics to incentivise activity. Let me know and I can help with some free services as I truly think you guys are doing a fantastic job.

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It wouldn’t be a bad idea to announce an airdrop related to the activity! These are very popular these days :slight_smile:


I think this is a great idea that would be pretty sweet

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Very empty indeed, however, the project seems massive, transparent and decentralized data wow! Do the operating systems adopt AI at all? or is it 100% from individuals posted data withy some form of proof verification?

Also what would be the use of the token? As ownership and voting? Or more so as a currency for buying/accessing this data?

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